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Corporate Training Services

Know Our Corporate Training Services

Leelajay Technologies assists you to achieve your business goals faster with minimum cost by improving and enhancing the experience your human resource has while interacting with new and existing technologies.

We have successfully prepared over 2200+ batches of satisfied and upskilled professionals from over 70+ corporations globally. We assisted organizations that included top Fortune 500 companies in maximizing their workforce productivity, and performance and helped them deliver positive business outcomes.

Our satisfied clienteles are proof of why we are trusted by enterprises across the globe for our enterprise learning solutions.

Technologies We Cover

  • Big Data/Hadoop
  • IBM Technologies
  • CISCO Technologies
  • Redhat Technologies
  • Oracle Technologies
  • Telecom Technologies
  • Juniper Technologies
  • Symantec Technologies
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Citrix
  • VMware
  • E-Commerce
  • OTP McAfee
  • Sun Technologies
  • SAP Technologies
  • BlueCoat Proxy- BCCPA & BCCPP
  • SIEM – IBM QRadar & HP ArcSight
  • Imperva
  • Soft Skills
  • Riverbed Steelhead
  • Palo Alto Firewalls
  • Checkpoint- CSSA & CCSE
  • PEN (Penetration) Testing
  • CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking)

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We Assist Companies With

Bridging skill gaps with affordable personalized IT learning path.

Striking balance between upskilling/reskilling & business goals.

Creating a pool of skilled employees for higher ROI & growth prospects.

Improving Employees’ Retention, Acquisition & Engagement.

Why It’s Crucial to Upskill Your Employees?

Upskilling or reskilling allows organizations to close the digital talent gap in the current or new workforce & creates a significant competitive advantage in this increasingly technology-driven world.

With our customized, comprehensive & affordable IT training, you can create a competent, productive and enhanced pool of employees that can capitalize on bigger business opportunities that IT brings.


Upskill For A Cross-Trained & Effective Workforce

Transform your workforce into competitive & effective assets and boost your company’s capabilities & productivity. Our corporate training curriculum & sessions are designed by industry experts and in guidance by industry demands.

Personalized Learning Solutions

We offer tailor-made training modules to help corporates leverage the power of technology with programs & materials curated by industry experts. The courses not only suit your employees' needs, and learning curve but also your IT budget.

Training For Organizations Of All Sizes

Our extensive, in-depth catalogue of corporate training services is designed to meet the individual needs of each client, business goals and competency framework. So, whether your small businesses, start-ups or large corporations, we’ve got training solutions for you all!

Training Models For Every Employee

Our corporate training programs offer various high-end technologies regardless of your employees' seniority level. From freshers and mid-seniors to leaders, our custom-made training models prepare highly efficient & competitive professionals.

Certified World-Class Trainers

Our trainers are proactive experts in the field and provide consistent and uniform training across geographies & levels. They train with the most up-to-date knowledge and real-time work concepts to make a future- ready workforce.

Backup Growth with On-Demand Courses

With us, grow your people and your business by offering top-rated courses on the topics they need to stay current, develop, and innovate. We offer industry-recognized training on the latest technologies and help you build future-ready workforce.

Weekly Evaluation Reports

Get tangible results of how your workforce is transforming into a competitive & efficient billable asset. We not only offer training modules to enhance your employees’ interaction with technologies but also assess their understanding & ability with weekly evaluations & assessment reports.

Optimize Resources, Maximize ROI

Unleash the potential of your organisation and your employees with our personalised & expertly designed training modules to amplify your business ROI and workforce productivity.

On-Demand Learning

Our comprehensive learning solutions can be accessed by your employees worldwide, allowing them to learn in-demand skills when it works for them. Get 24/7 access to our extensive course collection on Cloud, AI & ML, Big Data and other major technologies, so your employees can learn what they need when they need it.

Immersive Learning Experience

Leelajay Technologies offer corporate training programs for different functions and roles, designed to address specific learning objectives and delivered by top trainers. From live classrooms, mentoring sessions, hands-on practical projects, and interactive labs, we create a participatory & greater learner’s engagement environment and help your workforce harness the power of technologies.

Integrated Learning Solutions

Enjoy one-stop learning solutions with us that not only fits the learning needs of your entire organization but also its budget. From on-demand courses, certifications, and virtual labs to hands-on practice, we help you equip your employees with technologies of the future and master the existing ones for maximum productivity & higher ROI.

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