Class Room Rental Services

Experience an Exceptional IT Class Infrastructure

With state-of-the-art educational facilities and delivery services, Leelajay Technologies offers flexible, secure, scalable and customizable training facilities at competitive prices. From corporate training, IT certifications or classroom rentals, we will help you deliver a premium training & learning facility that your participant will always remember.

Class Room Rental Services

State-of-the-Art Rental Solutions For Your All Facility Requirements

No matter what your training needs may be, we can accommodate your specific requirements and budgetary constraints. By switching to our Cloud rental services, you not only keep your workforce up to speed, save on IT purchase budget but also have access to the latest IT infrastructure and technology.

Class Room Rental Services
Playground Lab
  • Applicable to students in an ILT (Instructor-led Training) class
  • Lab activities are described by the instructor or content owner.
  • As per the course, we will provide pre-configured lab with all the tools and packages.
Corporate Training Room for Rent
Our Guided Lab
  • Applicable to learners undergoing a self-paced learning process
  • Labs are pre-configured along with guides to meet the course requirements.
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The Challenge Lab
  • Applicable to students solving a challenge, such as an evaluation or a hackathon.
  • The entry and exit criteria must be defined for these challenges.
  • We offer the framework for the grading of submissions.

Renting Our IT Class Infra= More Time for Your Business

We offer a purpose-built & customised training environment equipped with everything you need for a superior learning experience— multiple cloud labs, full-service staff, premium amenities and more. Here’s why you should go for us:

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24*7 Assistance
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Email & Phone Support
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Completely Secured
  • Browser based SSL encrypted
  • Firewall Protected Cloud
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Simplest UI
  • Easy to navigate
  • No Plugins and Software
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Highly Scalable
  • Scalable for flexible needs.
  • Extendible to user worldwide
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Dashboards & Reports
  • Usage report for end users.
  • User Activity Visibility.
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Extensive Labs
  • Widest range of labs
  • Expertly designed catalogues
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Fully Automated
  • Schedule the on-and-off lab
  • Request & approval from the lab
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Real-World Configuration
  • Replicate of real environments.
  • Similar product experience.
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Flexibility of Billing
  • Flexible models for daily/hourly.
  • On-Demand for monthly/annual.

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